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"And he’s always right." [x]



Q&A in Rio [x]

who’s the real fan


This is beautiful.

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Happy birthday, little egg!


So here’s a little hatchling for Dean and Cas. I’m sure they’ll be great parents~



"I’m unfamiliar with this end of the process. ’Course, no one may be listening, um, but I- I do need a s s i s t a n c e. I have questions, and there seem to be n o  a n s w e r s. I wouldn’t presume to ask for help if I weren’t desperate, but I need helpI ’ m  l o s t. I need your g u i d a n c e. Please hear my prayer.

                         I don’t know how humans do it.”

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Estoy Groot

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Sherlock & John + Height Difference


if there’s anything I can’t handle right now it’s this

I didn’t become heartless , I just became smarter. My happiness will not depend on someone else. Not anymore.--(via writingecstacy)

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Benedict Cumberbatch Photoshoot by Derry Moore ‘An English Room’ - (x)

steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)

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Launched last month, Wafrica — Africa plus wa for Japan — has unveiled a range of kimono handcrafted in an array of African cotton fabrics that would seem to be a million miles from the subtle silks more commonly associated with traditional Japanese dress. Yet despite the orange comets and flashes of lightning tearing across a moss-green background, and the tribal swirls in colors that recall the sun-drenched African soil, the prints blend seamlessly into the kimono form before they surprise Japanese shoppers with their foreign origin.

The cultural cocktail is the brainchild of Serge Mouangue, a Tokyo-based concept- car designer for Nissan, who joined forces with Kururi, a Tokyo-based kimono- maker, to produce the traditional Japanese attire in 18 African prints sourced in markets from Nigeria to Senegal.


Serge Mouange introduces the WAfrica concept and kimono (Fashion show)

Le kimono Africain: Serge Mouangue TED talks